~ NEW~  Eminence Facial & Peel 

Try our newest facial & peel combo!  Your facial begins with a deep cleansing and thorough skin analysis.  To reveal younger looking skin, we apply antioxidant scrub rich arctic plant compounds, berry enzymes and a 20% alpha hydroxy peel solution.  If needed, extractions are performed.   This masque’s unique combination of acai, blueberry, raspberry and brambleberry feeds your skin and keeps it looking healthy and plump.  This facial and peel combo regenerates your skin for an ageless appearance. 

65 minutes $90   ~ Limited Time Only!

Indulge Facial
Treat your skin to a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions and a masque.  
Each facial is tailored to your skin’s needs whether it be

fighting the signs of aging, acne control, dry skin relief or oil reduction.  
Your skin will feel clean, refreshed and protected! And your body will feel relaxed and pampered after the neck and shoulder massage.  Finished off with serums, moisturizer and sun protection.  
60 minutes $75

Let’s Do Lunch Mini Facial
Come in for a quickie!  This mini facial is customized just for you.  After double cleansing, choose exfoliation, 
extractions or a masque and be back to work, lickedy split!  Your eye makeup will not be removed, 
leaving you ready to go on with your day.  This is also a great pre-weekend getaway facial. 
30 minutes $45

Damage Control Hydration Facial
Wild weekend?  Too much sun?  Does your skin need a big drink of water?  This treatment focuses on hydration and moisturization.  Skin will be treated with loving hands to help restore and maintain hydration.   An extra layer of hydrating hyaluronic acid and all natural organic pure aloe vera top off this quenching treatment. This treatment is a perfect post-vacation facial.  
70 minutes $90

Night  Cap Facial
Our most relaxing facial!  Wind down with an Indulge Facial that includes an extra masque of

ultra hydrating ingredients - hyaluronic acid and all natural organic aloe vera that 

penetrate vitamins and antioxidants deeply into your skin.  

This facial includes an extra long neck and shoulder massage

as well as a hand and foot patrol treatment.  This is the perfect facial right before bed.  

Let my products penetrate all night long and wake up to

beautifully nourished and moisturized skin.  
You will leave feeling relaxed and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.  
80 minutes $120

Teen Facial
Teen acne can be detrimental to a young person’s self esteem.  Let us help!  

This facial consists of a double cleanse, exfoliation, (lots of) extractions and

masque using products specifically designed for acne prone young skin.  

The treatment is finished with a high frequency treatment, to banish all bacteria.

We spend time explaining acne causes and discussing the importance of

a healthy skin care regimen.  I’ll answer any questions your teen may have! 
45 minutes $65



Crystal-free, diamond tip microdermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliation treatment that provides advanced skin resurfacing while stimulating circulation and increasing lymph flow. Ideal for hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles and acne scars.  May be added to any facial.  Not for a stand alone service or rosacea skin.  


"Nécolleté Peel"

A chemical peel specifically formulated for your neck and décolleté "necollete".  

We use a combination of alpha hydroxy acids to help brighten your skin, 

while fading dark spots and improving the appearance of fine lines.  



Drench your parched skin in hydration with hyaluronic acid and all natural aloe vera.  

This add on service is ideal for post wax, post peel, sunburned skin or  dehydrated skin.


ACE Vitamins

Have you taken your vitamins today?  Add a hefty dose of Vitamins A,C&E to your facial.  

Vitamin A also known as retinol, promotes healthy skin development and rejuvenation.

 Vitamins C&E work synergistically to combat free radicals to help brighten and tighten skin.


Hand & Foot Patrol

Treat those dainty digits to some TLC!  Hands and feet are cleansed

with a sugar scrub, then massaged and moisturized!


Skin Care Consultation
Have skin care questions?  We’ve got answers!  Bring in your skin care products and

we will help you create a regimen unique to your skin’s needs, budget and schedule.  

Let us help you take the confusion out of skin care product selection.  
 20 minutes $25 (can be used towards product purchase)

All skin treatments are unique to your skin concerns and done on a personal basis.  We use several different professional product lines to achieve optimum results..  Let’s create a facial recipe uniquely for you!


Dermalogica BioActive Peel

BioActive Peel works in sequential steps with the BioActive Peel Application Method synergistically and safely decrease surface roughness, treat acneic skin conditions, reduce fine lines and help minimize the appearance of pigmentation in the epidermis and dermal-epidermal interface. Because of it's unique design, 
irritation is minimal and results are phenomenal!  
Each peel comes with a complimentary 5 piece take home kit for optimal results.  Not for first time peelers.  

Sensy Peel
This peel is perfect for first timers or those of us who have sensitive skin.  
We take it slow and steady.  There is no downtime with this peel. 

Sensy Peel Series
Ready to see a real difference in your skin?  You will love the skin your in with regular peels.  
Let’s combat aging and pigmentation with this series of peels.  
 Series of 3 $225 - prebooked - Complimentary Mini Facial at end of series!

Series of 6 $450 - prebooked - Complimentary Damage Control Facial at end of series!

Salicylic Acne Peel Monthly Treatment

Banish blemishes with a monthly peel specially designed for oily and acneic skin types. 

Salicylic acid is a potent anti-inflammatory that clears and shrinks pores, dissolves clogs and reduces redness. With this peel you reduce the likelihood of developing a breakout and you speed the fading of the post-acne marks you have now!



We use a combination of high quality Berodin soft and hard waxes based on your skin’s needs.

Brows  – $20   Add on to facial $15     
Cheek or Chin    $10 each
Upper Lip    $5

I am available for consultations, events and trainings.  Please contact me for pricing.